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To all Queensway Club Survivors:
Especially those who were stationed at, or attached to HQ RAF Germany, Rheindahlen from 1960 to 1965.

It was a long time ago but we hope you remember us:

Olive Kennedy, WRAF - Comcen
Barry Fletcher, Royal Engineers - P.I.D.

The idea behind this site is a light-hearted trip down memory lane. Check out the Photo Gallery and leave a message in the Guest Book or the Notice Board. Would you like to locate someone who was “There” between 1960 and 1965? We may be able to help you find them.

There are hundreds of old photographs and mementos of HQ RAF (G) from the early 60s, most were sent to us by old friends and colleagues, perhaps you'll recognise yourself or others. If you would like to see your old photographs on the site we would be happy to add them to the gallery, simply contact us via the email button and we can make arrangements.

Do you remember when the bar was located in the Cpls/WRAF’s side of the Mess? That was before the Gala opening of the Queensway Club on December 17th, 1962. What about the WVS trips and the Nijmegen Marches and those “Exercises”? Then there was the Duty-Free petrol, booze and cigarettes, and all those parties... is it all coming back now?

Enjoy your visit and pop in again often. Who knows? Someone may be looking for you or perhaps there will be a new photo' with your smiling face on there?


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